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Want To Get Fit Without Trying?

So Do I!

But guess what. It really does take some work.

At least with NutritionPax Software you can track your efforts, set your goals, watch your nutritional intake and have some fun with it.

Come inside and review our product then try everyone else's first! You'll be back.

The Inside Scoop
We'll let you in on a secret. The problem with most software programs is that they are written and designed by people that have no idea about the application they are programming! What this results in is a software program that doesn't work very well to suit your needs. Think about it. How could a programmer design software about a subject they know nothing about?

Fitness Software
We know nutrition. Extensive research and product analyses have resulted in an accurate and comprehensive nutrition software program - NutritionPax.

Our programmers actually know about nutrition and use the program. What this means is that you get an effective program that delivers what you need.
Our program is user friendly and has all the necessary components to help you accomplish your goals.

Nutrition Software

Nutrition Software
So you say to yourself, "I don't care about how the program is designed. I just want something that works. What sets this program apart from the rest?" As you guessed it we're about to tell you. Before release of the software we have screened the functionality of the program through newbie computer users. These are users that know little or nothing about computers. Here are some quotes:

"Looks good"
"Hey I'm having fun with this!"
"I'm going to send this link to my friends"
"This program is cool. Can I get another copy for my work computer?"


Diet Software - Why You Need It
Ok. Enough with the details. Here's the deal. Diet doesn't have to be just about losing weight. It's about knowing and realizing what you are eating. Most people have no idea about the Nutritional values of the food they are eating. Start tracking what you eat through the software and I bet you would be amazed. Did you know that unburned carbohydrates get converted straight into body fat? Consume too many calories or too high a percentage of carbohydrates and you'll gain weight. If you have nutritional goals in mind it's almost impossible to accomplish them without tracking what your intake is. Heck, even if you just want to feel better and be healthier it's a good idea to monitor what you eat.

Body Building Software
You're slugging away in the gym. Can't figure out why you're not progressing toward the performance you had in mind? Spend days, weeks, months and years in the gym. If your Nutritional intake isn't right you're wasting your time! In general you want a 60/40 percent split between carbs and protein. This isn't just for body builders. It's a good rule for anyone. The whole point is you need to intake the right amount of the right foods.

NutritionPax Software-The Benefits

NutritionPax Software can help you with all of these points and more. The program comes with a detailed Help Menu with lots of easy step by step instructions with pictures and screen shots. Use easy tracking graphs to monitor your progress. Plan your intake and print a grocery list. Create recipes for the foods you eat or supplements that you take. The program is flexible and lets you convert values at a click of a button. You might say, "But it's going to take too much time out of my already busy day." Don't worry about that. It will only take a few minutes to get into the program, click your nutritional values and get out. A few minutes are a small price to pay for being healthier. You can be as detailed or as general as you want. Break it down to 5 small meals a day or enter all the values at once. Set your values up for the month. You decide.

Use our product and start living a healthier lifestyle. Don't put it off any longer. You have been thinking about it too long! Do something good for yourself.

Nutrition Software, Diet Software, Fitness Software, Body Building Nutrition
Nutrition Software
Diet Software
Fitness Software
Body Building Nutrition
Nutrition Software
Diet Software
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