We are experts in DMIS CMM Programming Languages.


We would like to provide services for your company. Utilizing today's technology we offer offsite programming services. What this does for you is provide a cost effective solution without paying the added travel costs required to get a programmer on-site. We also can be contracted on-site on a case by case basis.

We can save your company money by automating the entire inspection process. The operator will only have to load the part, locate the probe and hit go. It's that simple. The operator is free to complete other tasks which makes him/her more efficient. We also have creative solutions for fixturing.

How do we accomplish this? Using NetMeeting techniques and if required web cams we can control your CMM remotely. We program inspection code off line with the information that you provide. We can download the files and debug the program on your machine remotely.

We can offer simple inspection programs to high end advanced programs. Our specialty is providing robust inspection programs that accurately measure without user interface. The operator only needs to load the part and start the program. Utilizing advanced techniques we have unique graphical solutions to provide clear feedback on inspection results

We can also provide automated inspection data transfer and reporting utilizing Microsoft Excel. The data system includes:

Out of Tolerance Reporting
Trend Charting
Individual and Moving Range Statistical Charts and Histograms
Correlation Analysis and Graphical Analysis
Data Filtering

This data system is real time and quickly provides feedback on inspection results. There is no need to manually enter data.

Make the most of your DMIS based software. Please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to provide you with a quotation.

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